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This is the 8Pi-Con page. It’s still up because we are working on archiving it because 8Pi-Con was awesome and we want to remember it. However, until we do that, we can’t move it from here to show you the 9Pi-Con page.

So, in the meantime, here’s some things you may have come here to find out about 9Pi-Con

The Date: July 31-August 2, 2015

The Location: Sheraton Hotel at Bradley Airport, Windsor Locks, CT

How to Reserve a Room: Click here for our $99 room rate. The earlier we can get people to reserve their rooms, the more awesomeness we can get from the hotel, so reserve early and often.

Guest of Honor: Tanya Huff

Guest of Awesome: Vikki Ciaffone

How do I register: Type your name and click the button. Our intention was that the $25 pre-reg rate would only be available at the con, but to make up for our web site delay, we will continue to offer the same $25 pre-reg rate until we get our new and awesome 9Pi-Con web site up!

Registrant Name

 In the mean time, you can find the latest Pi-Con news as it comes at our Facebook page.



Pi-Con - The friendliest little convention in New England

8Pi-Con: June 27-29, 2014, Holiday Inn, Enfield, CT

Programming is up! 

Check it out.

Guest of Honor
3-Time Hugo Award Winner
Allen Steele

Guest of Awesome
Justine Graykin

Artist of Awesome
Sarah Morrison

Featured Filker
Dave Weingart

We are happy to announce that

Pi-Con Founder Michael Whitehouse

will be the Chair of 9Pi-Con.

Pi-Con is a celebration of geekery!
Science Fiction • Fantasy • Gaming
LARPs • Comics • Panels
Parties • Performances
Readings • Vendors

Volunteers Needed!

For more information, please read about Pi-Con.

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