9Pi-Con: July 31-August 2, 2015
The Location: Sheraton Hotel at Bradley Airport,
Windsor Locks, CT

What is Pi-Con?

Pi-Con is a diverse collection of geeks. Our members are fans of books, movies, gaming, webcomics and print comics, tech and gadgetry, costuming, anime, and music. You’ll find people who are into steampunk, space opera, vampires, ren faires, superheroes, and dozens of other genres in various combinations. We’ll still be including all the best parts of previous Pi-Cons; you can discuss your favorite topics in panels and meetups, play tabletop games from our extensive library, see a show or two, and party until you can’t stay awake anymore.

The convention has been held annually in August, in the Springfield, MA area.

We pride ourselves on being open and welcoming of newcomers. If you’re into any of the fandoms we celebrate, or even just into hanging out with a bunch of friendly geeks, we’d like to extend a warm invitation. Hope to see you there!


Read about the Pi-Con.org Corporation which makes all of this possible.