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At the Con


Fri Sat Sun
Tea Tasting 3pm–6pm
Program 6pm–11pm 10am–11pm 10am–3pm
One Desk 6pm–9pm 10am–9pm 10am–12pm
Con Suite 4pm–2am+ 9am–2am+ 9am–4pm
Gaming (Salon D) 4pm–2am+ 9am–2am+ 9am–4pm
Steampunk Tea 3pm–5pm
Open Filking 8pm–wee hours TBA TBA
Pool 7am–midnight 7am–midnight 7am–midnight

Finding Your Way Around 8Pi-Con

It’s easy:

  • Program is on the 2nd floor in the Agawam, Somers, Springfield and Suffield rooms. Filk is in Ellington. Larger events are inthe Main Tent (Solons A-B, or Ballroom) on the opposite side of the hotel front desk. The One Desk is between the Front Desk andMain Tent. See the hotel map, below.
  • Registration, information, sign-up for the pitch sessions and tickets to the Steampunk Tea ($20) are at the One Desk.
  • Dealers Row is at the end of the 2nd floor hallway, past Ellington.
  • The party block is on the 3rd floor, at the end of the hallway.
  • The Con Suite is in Room 236