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8 Pi Guest of Honor

Allan Steele

Allen Steele was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He received a Bachelor’s from New England College and a Master’s from the University of Missouri. Before he established himself as a science fiction author, he spent several years working as a journalist. He began publishing short stories in 1988. His early novels formed a future history beginning with Orbital Decay and continuing through Labyrinth of Night. Some of his early novels such as Orbital Decay and Lunar Descent were about blue-collar workers working on future construction projects in space. Since 1992, he has tended to focus on stand-alone projects and short stories, although he has written four novels about the moon Coyote. In 1996, his story “The Death of Captain Future” received the Hugo Award for Best Novella. He won the award again in 1998 for the story “…Where Angels Fear to Tread,” and won the Hugo for best novella in 2011 for “The Emperor of Mars.”

Steele serves on the Board of Advisors for both the Space Frontier Foundation and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.