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The 8Pi-Con Program Has Reached the Event Horizon!

There’s no turning back now!



We have more than 80 panels, presentations, performances, readings, and special events on the schedule! We’re featuring:

A Tea-Tasting Reception on Friday afternoon before programming gets underway

Sinful Thoughts Vaudeville & Burlesque on Friday night

A concert by our Featured Filker GoH, Dave Weingart

A Drum Circle and Dance on Saturday night in the Main Tent

A concert by filkers Two Fifths on Sunday

A special presentation by local fan artist Rob Caswell on Saturday afternoon

Science presentations by Ed Bishop

Workshops on block printing, silkscreening, mask making, sari wrapping, fitness for geeks and bellydancing

…and lots more!

Check out the quick schedule grids, or the full schedule with event descriptions for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Evenings will rock with parties (including several Worldcon bid parties), and the ever-popular, unstoppable Pi-Con favorites, Barfleet!

Be sure to pre-register here or at the One Desk for our elegant Steampunk Tea. Don’t miss it!

What is a “Roundtable?”

We’re trying something new at 8Pi-Con—panels designed to be fully interactive with the audience, rather than the usual “four people talk at a table and then take questions” format. Of course, not all topics work well as discussions, but many do. Panels with “ROUNDTABLE” in their descriptions will be held in Somers, where the chairs will be placed in a circle. The panelists and moderators will open the discussion, present leading questions and keep the conversation on topic. Everyone may join in the discussion freely.

But there are a few Rules of the Roundtable. Be polite. Don’t interrupt. Don’t go wildly off-topic. Pay attention to the moderator and panelists—they’re guiding the conversation so everyone will have a fun 50 minutes. And come to the Feedback Session on Sunday to let us know how these went!


Some things you might want to bring with you (just so you won’t get there and wish you had them):


Fancy dress for the Steampunk Tea and Drumming Circle and Dance

Decorations you might want to use or share for the mask-making  workshop (some supplies and blank masks will be provided)

Your drum if you want to play in the Drumming Circle

A t-shirt for the Silkscreening workshop

A sari for the Sari Wrapping workshop

Drawing supplies to use or share for the Lifedrawing workshop (some paper and pencils will be provided)

Costumes! People will have ribbons to attach to the name badges of their favorite costumers.

A dessert to share at the Friday afternoon tea-tasting (before programming starts—location TBA)

See you soon!


If you’d like to be a participant for 9Pi-Con, get in touch with us after the con and we’ll add you to our Master Control Program List.
If you have questions about Programming, contact Inanna Arthen, Programming Chair, at