9Pi-Con: July 31-August 2, 2015
The Location: Sheraton Hotel at Bradley Airport,
Windsor Locks, CT

Guest of Honor: Tanya Huff

TanyaHuff Tanya Huff lives in rural Ontario, Canada with her wife Fiona Patton, two dogs, and, as of last count, nine cats. Her 29 novels and 75 short stories include horror, heroic fantasy, urban fantasy, comedy, and space opera. She’s written four essays for Ben Bella’s pop culture collections and the occasional book review for the Globe and Mail. Her Blood series was turned into the 22 episode BLOOD TIES and writing episode nine allowed her to finally use her degree in Radio & Television Arts. Her next novel will be a new Torin Kerr book, PEACEKEEPERS #1: AN ANCIENT PEACE (Oct 2015). Titan UK has recently reprinted the entire Valour series – returning her u’s – as well as The Silvered and the Emporium series. When not writing, she’s learning to play the djembe.

Guest of Awesome: Vikki Ciaffone

Vikki Ciaffone is a senior editor for Spencer Hill Press and Spence City, and a freelance editor. She has been reading and writing since she was tall enough to see over the coffee table. She is personally responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (she apologizes, but the populace was obsessed with Pictionary, which Vikki abhors). She then turned her attention to Troy, and engineered its downfall in her quest to burn out the Pictionary Plague. She claims no responsibility for Pompeii or the Fall of Rome, though she might possibly have had something to do with the sun setting on the British Empire. In her spare time, Vikki has been known to shoot craps with the Fates and the Valkyries for shiny trinkets.