New Flyer for the Last Pi-Con

Last Pi-Con downloadable flyer

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9Pi-Con downloadable flyer!


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Thanks for A Great Time!

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend had by all! Now that I’m back home and starting to decompress, I’m really starting to see how great this weekend really was. I’m glad I was there, and I’m glad everyone else was there too!


If you didn’t have an opportunity to attend the feedback session, you can still tell us how you thought the weekend went (and be as anonymous as you please) at Even if you did attend the feedback session, your responses here will be valuable in planning our future, and will give our numbers nerds some data to crunch. They love doing that.

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Why Pi-Con

One of the questions I hear most frequently when talking to people about coming to Pi-Con is “why?” . It’s a fair question. Why should you take a whole weekend and schlep to Enfield? Let me tell you why… .

Panelists-  Pi-Con has always had a great panelists card. They  are pretty darned fabulous, smart, talented, knowledgable to a fair thee well, one of the best things about the con. Not only will you find their in panel knowledge amazing but you will also find them hanging about in the hallways talking about subjects that can range from the latest science discoveries to deep analysis on superhero costuming. Why Pi? Because there is no other place to get your geek on with the best and brightest of con panelists.

Events- You want something interactive to do? How about full time filking? Burlesque? Readings by our Guests? Bellydancing class? A panel in the pool? Concerts? Marriage proposal? We have had them all at Pi-Con. Why Pi? Because interactive fun!

Gaming- Pi-Con has gaming? Indeed we do! Ever wanted to try out a LARP? Here is the place to do it. Want to try out the newest tabletop RPG? Come sign up and give it a go. Just want to hang out in-between events and panels and play Card Against Humanity with your new con friends? Can do! Gaming has always been a part of the con and this year it will be better than it has been (and it’s been pretty darned good). We even have our very own card game thanks to our 9Pi Chair. Why Pi? because we are a natural 20 when it comes to gaming.

Panels in the hall – Our programming is pretty awesome. Not going to lie. There is something for almost everyone. However, my favorite panels are the ones that happen spontaneously in the halls. You never know when a question or comment will lead to an hour long discussion between that guy from NASA, the author GoH and five other random people. Why Pi? Because no one does spontaneous acts of geekery like Pi-Con

Costuming- We have always had a strong costuming contingent. This year’s Artist GoH is proof of that. Panels, dances, even contests to showcase the best. Even a Steampunk Tea for extra pretty fun. Need a place to test out a new costume? Looking for advice on how to mod that Nerf gun? We got you covered. Why Pi? Because pretty!

Guests- The absolute best part of Pi-Con is you. Our guests make us what we are. Here is a place to geek out with old friends and make new ones. We are not so much a small con as an intimate one. Hang out in the lobby with our GoH. Have lunch with a few panelists/authors. Play Marco Polo in the pool with your new filking buddies. It’s the guests enthusiasm,joy and love of all things geek that make this such a great con.  Why Pi? Because friends and fun.

These are my reasons for coming to Pi-Con. Come to the con and let me know what yours are.

- Sylvari

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Upcoming Meeting: Help us plan our future!

Are you interested in helping to guide the future of Pi-Con? Come join us for a meeting at Arisia ’13.

We’ll be doing some big-picture planning, and would welcome input, opinions, ideas from anyone who loves Pi-Con.


Where: Arisia (Westin Waterfront Boston) Room 459

When: 3pm, Sunday, Jan 20th, 2013

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