This is the tentative schedule for Gaming as of July 29, 2015. We are creating a complete board game / tabletop game area in the Con Suite (Amelia’s), where there is a large amount of space. The RPGs are currently floating but will be assigned a space depending on the number of players.

If you would be interested in running an RPG, LARP, or a gaming session or tournament of any kind–tabletop game, Magic: the Gathering, you name it–please get in touch with Program at

7:00 pm – ? Cards Against Humanity 24-hour (or until saturation point) Marathon (in Mezzanine Lobby)
6:00 pm Р10:00 pm RPG: Not Kansas Members of a military exploration team become stranded on the wrong planet with limited supplies. The natives are restless. Open20(c) gaming system with pre-generated characters. Designed for 4 players. (Kayet Lavat̩)
Continuing… Cards Against Humanity Marathon (in Mezzanine Lobby)
6:00-10:00 pm RPG: Territory Mine You have been sent to a cluster in the Kepler belt to prospect for key minerals. Then the competition shows up, and they do not play well with others. Open20(c) gaming system with pre-generated characters. Designed for 6 players. (Kayet Lavaté)
11:00am-2:00 pm ConCardia Tournament (Michael Whitehouse)